Support Us

Volunteer with us

You can volunteer with SATAT in providing skills or any other field as a resource person


Collaborate with us

No organization can achieve its full potential, unless they collaborate with other organization working on similar issues. Satat look forward to collaborate with organization, which is working on women and child issues, on education, health and livelihood issues


Financial Support

Your financial help will go a long way in supporting the honorarium to the teachers, and smooth running of activities. It will help in supporting the child’s education, skill and capacity building.


Books, Equipment and Infrastructure support  

We look forward to your support in the building of libraries, getting computers, sewing machines and grooming equipment for training purposes. Books and stationary can be donated.


Intern with us

Students from any discipline can intern with us. During internship, they will be able to learn about the diversities in the societies, exposure to the real world, training in research, project proposal writings, research, carrying out interventions, documentation, media and communication.


Support teachers salary

For smooth running of the activities and sustain the vocational programs and skill building activities and running the rural school, a teachers salary can be supported.


Support girl education

A girl’s education can be supported, either in urban slums of rural areas. The progress of the girl will be shared with the donor. One can adopt a child and see through their education at primary level or secondary level and beyond.




Seeking Support SATAT School activities:

  1. Support a girl for a year Rs. 12000/-
  2. Support a teacher salary Rs. 12,0000/-
  3. Support by kind by donating: books, uniform, computers..
  4. Support in building school infrastructure/ building

Seeking Support for SATAT Vocational Training activities:

  1. Support Vocational teacher’s salary per year Rs. 60,000/-
  2. Support in kind: computers, sewing machines, books, stationary..

SATAT has 80G tax exemption, to donate please make,

Financial  support ‘SATAT’  

RTGS: SATAT, Syndicate Bank, Acc. No. 90492010103644, IFSCode: SYNB0009049.