Community Outreach- Workshops

Community Interaction workshop on 24/03/18 at 11 am, organized at the premises of SATAT, BVK, Srinivaspuri.

The chief guest of the meeting was Dr. Rajender Dhar, who supported SATAT in various ways was kind enough to accept our invitation and suggested many ideas for further action and functioning of SATAT.  Other Guests were Prof. Sanghmitra Acharya and Dr. Nemthian Guite from JNU, Shri. Jagdish Khandelwal, owner of Jagdish Stores, Col. Sanjay Srivastava, disaster expert, Mr. Jay Prakash from Ministry of Health, Mr. Raghav, textile designer, Mr. Rakesh, Manager Manyawar, Ms. Lekha. Social activist, Dr/ Rejoice from the University of Health Science, Pallakad with his nine students who were visiting Delhi, six members of Resident Welfare Association (RWA) of Srinivaspuri, along with 50 members from the community, largely girls and women. Also present were the teachers of Satat, Ms. Poornima, Ms. Pooja, Ms. Reena and EC members of SATAT, Mr. Adv. Atul Kumar and Mr. Kaushal Kumar.



Dr.Sunita Reddy, President (Hon.) of Satat welcomed all the guests and community members. She further introduced the organization and its activities since its functioning in this premise for the past 14 years. She also mentioned the challenges in running the organization with limited or no resources.



Prof. Sanghmitra Acharya also mentioned the slow and steady growth of the origination and the action based research conducted by her for Satat in the past on the issues of migrant workers and on violence in urban spaces. In continuations to these studies, the field based activities will be addressing these social issues.



Mr. R.Dhar spoke about the renovation of the building for more community participation and how it would help in the economic empowerment of the women. He suggested making this place vibrant by involving the youth, women and facilitate skill training and capacity building. He also sought suggestions from the community people for better functioning of SATAT and asked them about what they would like to learn? Satat teachers also shared a number of students who have learned vocational skills form SATAT for the past 14 years. So far more than 400 women learned tailoring, more than 300 learned computers. Around 40 learned grooming classes in the past four years. Most of them are self-employed or working in small enterprises. Learning computers by the students helped them to perform better in schools.


Pooja mentioned about various cases of domestic problems, which were resolved in the project on ‘Mahila panchayat’ supported by Delhi commission for women. Purnima, who has been the co-ordinator of the Mahila Panchayat mentioned to the women of the community center, present at the meeting, to fight and raise their voice against domestic violence in the Basti.




Reena, who teaches tailoring, raised a point about the steps to be taken to establish and increase the earning of women through the skills that they have acquired and also to engage them in regular stitching work to be able to generate some earnings for themselves at Satat.


The members of the community shared their experience at SATAT and expressed their wish to learn more skills. Kajal and Narendra spoke about their experience at SATAT, who learned dance and computers respectively. They mentioned that the skills that they acquired were very helpful for them at school.

Anisha expressed her wish to learn English and computers, so that she could be independent and mentioned about the initiative to be taken for spoken English classes. Sofia came over to the podium and spoke about the Mahila Panchayat going door to door in the basti and making awareness to come forward with their problems.

There was a sincere interest of the people of the community for spoken English course, dance and computers. 23 students were interested for Spoken English classes. 19 students were interested in Computer course. 9 students were interested for Dance classes.

Dr.Sunita Reddy then took over the podium and proposed the idea of starting a course for martial arts for self-defense classes, as suggested by Dr. Dhar. 16 students were interested in self-defense classes. Dr. Dhar spoke about the need for each individual to acquire the skills of self-defense. He also mentioned about commencing of a confidence-building programme alongside the spoken English classes.


Mr. Sanjay Srivastava addressed to the people from the community about how to keep oneself safe from natural calamities.He spoke about the importance of sunlight and about his research works on pollution, weather, seasonal diseases etc. He also mentioned about working on community-level services emphasizing on women like corporative stores. He suggested identifying young boys and girls for placement in Amazon.

Mr. Pradeep from RWA spoke about continuing the services of SATAT, which was very beneficial for the slum children. He mentioned that SATAT was working in a very positive way among the community. Another member from RWA, mentioned that every person should maintain punctuality during the time period of the courses conducted by SATAT.


Mr. J. Khandelwal, mentioned about putting a cooler during summers. He spoke about the employment of women and train students from SATAT for tailoring in a designing school. He was impressed with the working of the Satat and offered his support to help women to get training in tailoring and stitching and also supporting Rs.10,000/- per month for a year to the organization. He also suggested that some of their furnishing work, they can give it to the women to work and earn their livelihood at Satat premises.


A manager from Manyavar also promised to support the organization in some or the other way. Mr. Jay Prakash, a representative from the health ministry then spoke about focusing on health, nutrition, sanitation, and hygiene. He mentioned about the inclusion of awareness regarding health care among the community members.

Dr. Ramesh Gaur, Director, Kala Nidhi, IGNCA could not stay for the program but met and suggested to start book reading classes by a teacher supported by IGNCA. HE also offered to send some books for the library and also a mobile book van. He offered that once in a while they can facilitate the community to visit IGNCA programs.

Mr. Atul, general secretary of SATAT and an advocate announced that there will be legal aid provided every day between 3-5 pm for addressing the community legal issues. The meeting was then brought to an end by the vote of thanks by Dr. Sunita Reddy. She thanked all the dignitaries on the dais, Bhagat and Kaushal for painting and cleaning the premises. Also thanked the DUSIB officers for renovating the BVK.