Community Intervention Program

Dr. Sonal Pandey conducted a thought-provoking workshop on Child Sexual Abuse with young women and a few adolescent girls on 3rd September 2019 at Satat. The workshop created awareness on Child helpline number, POCSO Act, etc. It encompassed filling up forms, reading a case study, discussions on child sexual abuse, etc. The participants got space to express their views.

Dr.Sonal Pandey asking the participants the ways of providing safety to the child.

Awareness of Child abuse using a questionnaire on Child abuse to be filled by the participants and providing written case studies to them for better understanding.


Project on Mahila-Panchayat at Delhi Commission For Women:  Delhi Commission for Women has started the ‘Mahila Panchayat’ programme, which is an on-going project in the National Capital Region and was started in Satat in the year 2014. This programme works in collaboration with Non-Governmental institutions in setting up a grass-root level system which caters to the problems that women face in everyday lives. The problems may range from lack of maintenance on the part of the husband or the husband’s family, harassment- sexual, physical, harassment at workplace, domestic violence, problems with the neighbors, property and so on.


 Violence-Free Safe Metropolitan Spaces for Women and Girls: A Study in Delhi

A study on ‘Violence- Free Safe Metropolitan Spaces for Women and Girls: A Study in Delhi’ was carried out supported by Indian Council For Social Science Research’. It focuses on violence in the public domain, including sexual harassment; staring, physical and sexual assault, rape, stalking, passing lewd comments etc. Women and girls experience various forms of sexual harassment, molestation and violence in public spaces, and often fail to report it due to fear of censure or restriction of movement by their families, or simply because they believe the issue would be trivialised by the police. Report brings out some concrete sugegstions and recommendations on gender sensitization, socialization of boys to respect women and treat women as equal partners and equal citizens.

Girls expression of sexual and reproductive experiences through Art (Photo Credit: Victoria Nivedita).