About Us

Satat is a Delhi based non-government organization registered under the Society Act 1860 on 1st Aug. 1997. Satat means ‘continuous’ in Hindi and as our motto ‘Satat Prayas’ and ‘Satat Vikas’ suggests, we design and implement interventions to empower individuals, build capacities and work towards sustainable futures for all. SATAT runs its intervention programs in the private colony and seven slums in and around Srinivaspuri, New Delhi. Besides, it also supports a girl’s school in the rural area of Gorakhpur District, Uttar Pradesh.

Since its inception, Satat is in tune with its vision to empower women and children to take control of their lives, equipping them with access to quality education, livelihood/vocational training programs, adult and non-formal education programs. Satat has carried out action research successfully and strives to bring social change in society.


  • Empowerment, equality and justice for marginalised children, girl children, women, youth /adolescent boys/girls.
  • Access to Quality Education
  • Skill Building
  • Action Research for social change.
  • Gender Sensitisation


  • Promotion and protection of the rights of women and children
  • Gender equality to enable women and children to achieve their potential.
  • Attainment of sustainable human development through education and skill-building.
  • Program interventions and activities for the formation of a healthy, developed and progressive society.
  • Protection of the environment with the production of eco- friendly products through self-employment

By Coordinating our efforts in grassroots mobilization, capacity building, action-oriented research, policy level intervention and through networking with local, national, regional partners – we work towards making a change in the sectors of education, health, well being and livelihoods.