Our Aims & Objectives

The Vision
To Enable Empower and be the VOICE of Marginalized children(especially girl children), women and youth and communities as partner in social change.
The Mission
  • Empowerment, Equlity and Justice for Marginalized Children, Girl Children, Women, Youths/Adolescent Boys/Girls.
  • Education and Gender Equality.
  • Research for social change.
The Goal
  • Promotion and Protection of Rights of the Child and Gender Equality to enable them to achieve their potential.
  • Attainment of sustainable human development through education.
  • Program Interventions and activities for the formation of a healthy, developed and progressive society.
Our Strategy
By Coordinating our efforts in grassroots mobilization, capacity building, action-oriented research and policy level intervention and through networking with local, national, reginal partners - we work towards making change in all sectors and levels of society.