Events & Public Meetings

12th March 2014: Women Day :was celebrated with speeches. They were all given refreshments and the women won various prizes
Seminar held on 30th october 2013 at JNU: 'Dissemination of Findings' of our ongoing project 'Migrant Women Workers in Construction and Domestic Spaces in Delhi Metropolitan Area"- an analytic study.

8th March 2013: International Women's Day : We discussed issues of violence against women and talked about how it affected them. They expressed their vulnerabilities in terms of being stalked, commented, teased, to more grave sexual harassment in their day to day life. They also Shared how they try to avert, face and challenge these situations.
24/25th October 2013: Migrant Women Workers in Construction & Domestic Spaces in Delhi Metropolitan Area:An Analytical Study of Empowerment and Challenges” which is a part of the project under the Ministry of Women and Child Development.

14th November 2011: Children’s Day: Celebrations took place in which the children gave small speeches and also performed dance numbers, sang and performed a play. They were all given refreshments and the children won various prizes.
5th September 2011: Teacher's Day celebrations took place during which the importance of teachers/educators was conveyed to the children.

15th August 2011: Independence Day was celebrated in which the children of the organisation took part. The children recited poetry, sang patriotic songs and performed a spiritual play. Those children who participated in the programme were given gifts and refreshments were distributed to all.
1st August 2011: We celebrated Breast-Feeding Day in which the women of the committee and the students of sewing classes and mothers of the young children took part. They were educated about the significance of breast feeding and the importance of mother’s milk to young children. It is important that all mothers breast feed for at least 6 months after the birth of the children.